Empowered individuals empower communities. Our programs are designed to provide the foundation necessary for each community member to succeed.


Sonia’s Empowering Families Foundation, Inc., entails in helping families in East Harlem. The organization will serve families with housing, education, health, children’s education, and life skills. Families in urban communities do not know where to go or where to start looking for help.  Some families or individuals go for help for their issues and are sent in different directions which will frustrate them to the point that they stop looking for help they badly need.  Sonia’s Empowering Families Foundation, Inc. will provide all the necessary assistance for families in need. For instance:  parent classrooms to better understand what their children are learning in schools today so that parents could help them at home.

Sonia’s Empowering Families Foundation, Inc. where individuals will have an adult learning center looking to continue their education, food pantries for families that do not meet their nutrition needs, a recreation center for both adults and children.

The organization will have a “Help Floor,” where Guidance Counselors and Social workers that will provide families with mental and other needed help.

The organization’s start budget is anticipated $200,000. This budget will help start up the organization with office space and office equipment and supplies.

Sonia’s Empowering Families Foundation, Inc. its purpose is to promote the dignity and self-worth of families within our community to foster an excellent quality of life. The organization will foster positive communities as per group discussion, self-empowerment, and needs assessments.

The organization will work towards benefiting the community with a myriad of volunteer-coordinated initiatives. Programming will include, but not limited to, the following: computer skills, federal student aid application assistance, life skills, social service navigation assistance, case management, literacy assistance and nutrition assistance.

The target populations are low-income families with children and single individuals trying to make it in the East Harlem community. Below are the goals that the organization will bring to the community.

  • Single mothers working or non-working
  • Single fathers working or non-working
  • Individuals looking for work
  • Individuals looking to go back to school
  • Provide families or individuals with food pantries
  • Teaching parents of children in schools the importance of learning how to navigate the school system to better informed.
  • Computer skills
  • English as second language and literacy classes
  • Assisting families and individuals with nutrition assistance
  • Assisting women and men a safe haven when dealing with domestic violence until getting the proper help for them
  • Providing assistance to parents of children with special needs, ADHD, and the mentally challenged
  • Providing assistance with applications, i.e. Housing, public assistance, food stamps, and immigration. Helping with applications will help people that don’t know how to read or write less frustrated.
  • Case managers will support with attending meetings and appointments with families or individual to make sure they get the proper assistance.

The organization will give the community a number of outlets that will help overall low-income families and individuals, a one-stop environment for all their life skills assistance.



  • We offer classes on numerous topics, including:
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) and literacy
  • Computer skills (Email, Microsoft Office, Internet, etc.)
  • Nutrition



  • We will also offer a number of other services, including:
  • A food pantry
  • Shelter locations for domestic violence victims and referrals to other organizations
  • Application assistance (housing, public assistance, food stamps, immigration, etc.)
  • Assistance and workshops for parents of children with special needs
  • Employment assistance via resume building, mock interviews, and referral

Case Managers


In addition to our future programs, we are going to offer community members access to a case manager. These case managers will work to each family and individual to ensure they are attending the meetings and appointments they need to, as well as receiving the proper assistance from the best sources.