About Us

About the Founder

Sonia Kemp CEO/Executive Director

Ms. Sonia Kemp, professional title stands as CEO/Executive Director at Sonia’s Empowering Families Foundation, Inc… My skills and areas of expertise include Project Management, Events, Fund Raising and Business Operational. I received my M.A. from Colorado Technical University. I remain drawn to as well as passionate about charitable organizations such as local community-based organizations. My hobbies and interests include helping people, networking, travel, spending time with family and friends.

My passion is to support the needs of urban community families. Understanding the needs of families, successively empowering them, will guarantee children to be prepared in school and in society.

Our Vision

Every person could achieve their fullest potential and participate in and contribute to all aspects of life.

Board of Directors

Ramona Kearns

Board Chair Person

Ramona Kearns’ strength comes from giving and helping others learn, develop and grow.  She brings her outright passion and sincerity to everything she does (her motto being “don’t say it if you don’t mean it”).  Ramona also enjoys teaching fiber arts, art therapy, creative writing, sewing, and expressive dance.

After 25 of working in a corporate environment, Ramona has transitioned to academia, working as a Parent Coordinator for the NYC Department of Education.  In this capacity, she is able to interact with students of diverse cultural backgrounds.

Currently, Ramona is taking post-graduate courses in family crisis and intervention/prevention services. Ramona earned a BA in Community & Human Services from Empire State College and an MS in Business Management from Colorado Technical University.

Dolores Enid Gonzalez

Board Vice Chair

Dolores Enid Gonzalez, a mother of three amazing young ladies, two in middle school and one in high school.  Ms. Gonzalez is currently working as a Sub-Paraprofessional for the Department of Education in New York City.  Her passion has always been assisting families and children.  I decided to join Sonia’s Empowering Families Foundation, Inc., because the organization’s vision is what I believe in deeply.  I believe many families in urban communities are low-income, needing the paramount resources in order to empower them and make better decisions in their lives.  When people are directed in the right direction life becomes less stressful and more time for the important things in life.

Eudora Ortiz

Board Secretary

Retired School Social Worker Bilingual

Franklin Plaza Senior Center   Fordham University Lincoln Center Campus

As lifetime resident of El Barrio, my dream to service my community with my professional skills as bilingual school worker has come to fruition

After my retirement in 2008, from the DOE, my training in educational advocacy continues to be needed. At this time, I feel that Middle Schools have the greatest need for educational advocacy.

I would like to continue to utilize my skills in this area.

Currently on the CB 11 Planning Board, and on the board for East Harlem Block School Inc.