Board Members


Sonia Kemp

Sonia Kemp

CEO/Executive Director

Ms. Sonia Kemp, professional title stands as CEO/Executive Director at Sonia’s Empowering Families Foundation, Inc… My skills and areas of expertise include Project Management, Events, Fund Raising and Business Operational. I received my M.A. from Colorado Technical University. I remain drawn to as well as passionate about charitable organizations such as local community based organizations. My hobbies and interests include helping people, networking, travel, spending time with family and friends.

My passion is to support the needs of urban community families. Understanding the needs of families, successively empowering them, will guarantee children to be prepared in school and in society.


Dolores Enid Gonzalez


Dolores Enid Gonzalez, a mother of three amazing young ladies, two in middle school and one in high school.  Ms. Gonzalez is currently working as a Sub-Paraprofessional for the Department of Education in New York City.  Her passion has always been assisting families and children.  I decided to join Sonia’s Empowering Families Foundation, Inc., because the organization’s vision is what I believe in deeply.  I believe many families in urban communities are low-income, needing the paramount resources in order to empower them and make better decisions in their lives.  When people are directed in the right direction life becomes less stressful and more time for the important things in life.

Nelson Bio

Nelson Mendoza


My name is Nelson Mendoza, I was born and raised in the South Bronx, I am 48 years old. I am currently working at a program where we mediate conflict in the community by using our street credibility, Primary Gun violence. This program was pilot into New York from Chicago as a public health approach to fight violence you have detect, interrupt and change the behavior and social norms those that are predicating Gun Violence. I do a lot of community outreached work to bring awareness about the programs that each district have.

John Rosari

John Rosario

Public Relations

John Rosario.., born in the heart of New York City and a once 33 year resident of East Harlem District. Mr. Rosario has a long time customer service, communications and marketing background….Baruch College alumni with history in public relations and public speaking. Mr. Rosario is the founder of The Annual Old-Timer’s Day and Cancer Awareness Event*located in East Harlem* and has hosted as well as represented great charities around the country (example: American Cancer Society, Autism Speaks, and Club Gilda’s. Jude etc….). He cares dearly for as he calls it” my brothers and sisters” and as a journalist/Assistant Editor for Unidos Magazine writes articles about the happenings in the minority world….. He also has endless credits as a humanitarian and now joining our organization in Public Relations.

Barbara A. Stancil


Born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey. Ms. Stancil attended the Jersey City Public School System. After graduating from High School, Ms. Stancil was employed by R.C.A. Technical Services for 15 years. While working for R.C.A. was granted a tuition refund for College. In 1982 attended Marymount Manhattan College. The following year enrolled in John Jay College of Criminal Justice and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice in 1986.

Professional career with the New York City Department of Education began in 1986.
In 1994 she received a Master of Science in Education from Hunter College of The City University Of New York. In 2006 was granted a Certificate of Advanced Study from the College of Saint Rose. In 2007 the University of the State of New York Education Department granted Ms. Stancil a permanent certification as a School District Administrator.

During the 28 years employed by the Department Of Education Ms. Stancil served as a teacher, dean and Assistant Principal. Ms. Stancil retired from the Department of Education in 2014. After her retirement, she worked as a Court Appointed Special Advocate to represent neglected children in the family court system in Hudson County.

Anthony B Gordon


Anthony B Gordon, currently works for The Department of Education as a Parent Coordinator From 2003 to Present.

Anthony, prides himself as great Facilitator for Parent Meetings and a person who’s able to solve complicated problems in a timely fashion.

Mr. Gordon graduated Pacific high school with a GED in 1981; he attended Kingsborough Community College, where he has attained 31 college credits towards his associate degree in liberal arts in 2001-2002 school years.

Anthony has received numerous citations and awards of recognition for his dedication to the students from various City Council Members, New York State Assembly Members and a Proclamation From New York State Senator Kevin Parker. Additionally The District 18 Community School Superintendent and District 18’s Community Education Council present Mr. Gordon with a recognition award for the work he performed diligently every year.

Mr. Gordon will be running for the position of Local 372 President this upcoming June 2017 election. He currently lives in Manhattan, New York.

eudora ortiz

Eudora Ortiz

Board Member

Retired School Social Worker Bilingual
Franklin Plaza Senior Center Fordham University Lincoln Center Campus

As lifetime resident of El Barrio, my dream to service my community with my professional skills as bilingual school worker has come to fruition
After my retirement in 2008, from the DOE, my training in educational advocacy continues to be needed. At this time, I feel that Middle Schools have the greatest need for educational advocacy.
I would like to continue to utilize my skills in this area.
Currently on the CB 11 Planning Board, and on the board for East Harlem Block School Inc.